Our design and web teams were thrilled to work with one of Australia’s most progressive talent agencies, LMB, to create a new brand and website to showcase their fresh offering.

It’s always fun to collaborate with like-minded, stylish and edgy (ok, maybe we’re not quite as stylish as the LMB legends) people to push the boundaries creatively. At times it can be hard to balance style and creativity with seamless functionality but through the power of collaboration, we were able to achieve just that, in a reflection of LMB’s management style. We’re loving seeing LMB fully embrace their new brand across everything from their website, to the elegant candles they kindly sent us as a thank-you!



The multi-faceted marketing strategy involved a repositioning and rebrand of all creative, a marketing workshop with the wineries themselves, a PR campaign, social media overhaul, advertising in Broadsheet and James Halliday Wine Companion and both an in-region media/trade/influencer famil and an upcoming Melbourne-based trade and consumer event, Rutherglen in the City.

Our PR, events and social media outcomes have been hugely successful to date: 67 pieces and $535,671 worth of media and influencer coverage in five months, a combined Facebook and Instagram audience of 10,842, and an average social media engagement rate of 4.3 per cent.