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Did someone say dream team? Our team are industry-savvy smart operators. Comprising a healthy mix of capable generalists and service specialists, your littleBIG crew deliver strong results, entertaining banter and a load off your plate. 

We love our team here at littleBIG and welcome anyone as part of our family, it’s what make us and our work personal, considered and load of fun.

Sally Harley Founder and Director

Sally Harley is the Founder and Director of littleBIG.

Starting her journey at Deakin University, with a Bachelor of Arts majoring in PR, Sally has 20+ years of industry experience under her belt. She’s long been at the forefront of the Marketing and PR industries with a spirit for helping businesses of all sizes further their potential.

She oversees business operations and guides the team to excellence through her hands-on leadership style.

From the spare room littleBIG was started in, to the thriving business it is today, Sally’s heart (and tummy) has always burned strong for our Food and Beverage clients – it’s no wonder F&B marketing and PR is a core littleBIG strength.

For Sally, work-life and home-life are as fun and as busy as each other, with three kids to wrangle and a passion for exploring the city, the country and the world. How does she do it all you ask? Yoga and regular lazing-around-at-home days recharge the batteries.

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Rich Harley Creative Director

Rich Harley is our Creative Director.

Rich attended Ballarat University where he obtained a degree in Graphic Design and Multimedia. Since then, has gained 20+ years of industry experience working across a multitude of design roles before taking on and building littleBIG’s creative department.

There’s nothing he enjoys more than collaborating with fellow creatives in any discipline. Rich is always looking to unite forces with Photographers, Videographers, Designers, Animators and beyond to get the best outputs for our clients.

He’s a genius when it comes to creative concepts and is always pushing design boundaries. Rich doesn’t play favourites and loves working with anyone who will give him creative freedom to get the best results for their brand. Rich’s love for collaboration also extends to clients – he loves to create with you, not just for you.

Personal life? Outside of work Rich is a family man. His favourite time is time spent with family and friends (while eating of course). He recently ignited an old passion for collecting and has started buying basketball and football cards again. If you hear Rich and Andrew start talking about crypto make sure you’ve got a free afternoon before you get sucked down the rabbit hole.

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Jarryd Pentony Head of PR and Content / General Manager

Jarryd Pentony is an accomplished Account Director.

He was a student at Monash University where he completed a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Journalism before he become a powerhouse of PR. Jarryd is one of littleBIG’s longest serving employees, having been with us since 2015, after clocking up some great experience in Melbourne, Perth and Japan.

He loves all things PR and is a gun at storytelling. No matter what our clients’ stories are, he’s adept at finding a way to tell them that’s appealing to the media. If you want to see your brand hit mass and/or niche media, Jarryd is the one to get it done.

His absolute favourite industries are Wine and Markets. He’ll often be found exploring Australia’s best wine regions or exploring the aisles of Queen Vic Market.

Every day before work he is up at 5am and straight to yoga and on weekends you’ll find him drinking wine while watching RuPaul’s’ drag race.

Jarryd has a very unique obsession with and is very excited by (and often a harsh critic of) the Olympic Games opening ceremonies. He’s watched every one since he was young and is very clear about which host countries are the winners and losers in his opinion! Make sure you ask about his favourite the next time you see him.

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Karma Rennie Marketing Lead

Karma Rennie is littleBIG’s Marketing Lead and brings with her a wealth of experience in destination and food & beverage marketing, having spent over 10 years in the industry.

Karma is driven by the challenge of promoting the people, places and brands that make up our fast-paced, ever-evolving hospitality and tourism scene. She brings hands-on knowledge and an end-to-end approach to everything she does, using her skills to amplify brands, put businesses centre stage, and get cosy with audiences. As a born and bred Melbournian, Karma is proud to be a part of promoting our wonderful city and the spectacular regions on our doorstep.

As if having a career comprising roles such as National PR & Marketing Manager, Good Group Hospitality Australia, Marketing Manager, Queen Victoria Market, and Marketing & Events Manager, Colonial Leisure Group wasn’t enough, Karma is a trained opera singer. Yep, that’s right – she even has a Bachelor of Music from The Victorian College of The Arts. As a performer, Karma took to stages across the globe where she confidently stood before audiences of many thousands to bare her soul.

Karma brings these ‘opera years’ of disciplined, methodical learning to her work today, combining creative thinking with streamlined campaign management as well as first-class strategy, tactics and digital nouse. After all, when you can sing a four-hour opera in Swedish, pretty much everything else is a walk in the park.

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Riley Flower PR and Content Coordinator

Originally from Ballarat, Riley moved to Melbourne to complete a degree in Professional Communications (Public Relations) at RMIT.

Of course, she fell in love with Melbourne’s food and drink scene and gained much of her early career experience in hospitality and hotels.

Since, Riley has dedicated herself to telling the stories of food, beverage and destination brands in authentic and considered ways. She loves to work closely with teams to bridge gaps in communication and build a true understanding of a brand’s people and purpose.

Outside of work, Riley fits the Melbourne stereotype as a self-confessed coffee addict, cocktail lover and cheese fanatic. She dedicates weekends to visiting Queen Victoria Market with her partner and adorable pup, Hazel, planning her newest DIY project, or hitting up the city’s newest restaurants.

When you meet Riley, you'll have to ask her about the time she spent living in a renovated shed with her mum (with no electricity or running water!) or her work as a certified Reiki practitioner - her way of making the world a better place, one good vibe at a time.

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Charlotte Coulson PR and Content Assistant

Charlotte Coulson is our wonderful PR and Content Assistant.

She is in her third year at Deakin University, currently completing a Bachelor of Communications. Charlotte started with us as an eager PR & Content intern, and is now a full-fledged littleBIGger.

Since joining us, Charlotte has cut her teeth in the fast- paced world of media relations. She's had a baptism of fire when it comes to influencer marketing with her first littleBIG days spent in a storm of seeding, and has since gained experience far beyond her years. Charlotte is a gun content creator and a phenomenal team-player having already clocked up stellar results for the clients she works across. Plus, with over 6 years of experience in customer service roles, communication and de-escalation are her specialty. After all - she survived the infamous toilet paper shortage as a Coles employee! Charlotte fits right in with the littleBIG team as a lover of all things food, bev and destination.

When Charlotte’s not fine tuning media lists, you’ll find her baking, camping or visiting her favourite local bar, The Hobson Stores. A truly outdoorsy person, she loves spending her weekends in a 4X4, exploring Victoria’s high country with friends. Charlotte is a professional at starting knitting projects and never finishing them. However, that has never stopped her from buying copious amounts of wool (28 skeins of yarn and counting!!).

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Dan Stock PR and Content Account Director

Dan is a reformed journalist with extensive experience in content creation and communications and is now part of our growing PR and content department.

Spending most of his career to date in newsrooms, prior to joining littleBIG, Dan jumped over to the other side of the desk and looked after global communications for a high-growth Aussie tech startup.

With the best part of his journalism career focused on the Australian hospitality industry writing about restaurants, food and drinks, Dan remains drawn to the wildly interesting and passionate people the industry attracts and loves helping to tell their stories.

An independent self-starter, Dan loves working and collaborating with smart, generous and creative humans who know how to have a laugh.

When not at the desk, you’ll find Dan sipping a Yarra Valley pinot or Adelaide Hills gruner at his local wine bar, in the garden tending a hit-and-miss veggie patch (he’s yet to win the slug v kale war) or binging random Spanish soaps and Nordic noir on SBS.

He remains committed to finding the nation’s best sausage roll. Nominations welcome!

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Courtney Chapman PR and Content Senior Account Manager

Courtney is a PR & Content Account Manager in our growing public relations team.

She holds a Bachelor of Communications (Professional Communication) from RMIT University and has also completed certifications in Digital Marketing Strategy and Implementing Digital Marketing Campaigns through RMIT.
Courtney loves to immerse herself in the business of her clients to discover how PR can help them reach their goals. Building connections and working collaboratively with clients is one of her favourite aspects about working at littleBIG.

Growing up on a cherry and berry farm, Courtney loves to surround herself with everything food and drink. On the weekends you’ll find her cooking up a storm while sipping on craft beer, wine or spirits from Australia’s wonderful producers.

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Kate Thompson Marketing Strategist

Kate Thompson is our chief Marketing Strategist and Co General Manager.

Kate attended The University of Melbourne where she obtained a Bachelor of Commerce. Since then, she has gained over 20+ years of industry experience, working for some of the best, including big agencies in New York City before returning home to Melbourne.

There’s nothing she’s got a heart for more than helping businesses to define meaningful and sustainable brands. If you’re looking for help with your new or existing brand, she’s the one to call. Kate is our strategy specialist; she works across brand and marketing strategy to ensure our clients are putting their time, effort, budget and creative in the right places to reach the best outcomes for them.

With a long history of travel, Kate loves the tourism industry. She is always itching to get together with our tourism clients and work with them to achieve their goals.

On her days off Kate is busy being chauffeur to the kids, driving them to sport and parties. In-between drop-offs you’ll find her in Barre class, at family BBQs, having drinks with friends or gardening in the backyard. Next time you see her make sure you ask her about the time she toured America with Britney Spears.

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Giorgia Di Battista PR and Content Account Executive

Giorgia Di Battista is our PR & Content Account Executive.

Since obtaining her Bachelor of Communications (Professional Communication) at RMIT University, Giorgia has spent all her time as a PR professional working within the food, beverage and tourism sectors of PR.

A true team player, Giorgia loves collaborating with her colleagues and clients to ensure the greatest results possible. With a strong passion for media and influencer relations, she loves getting hard media results for clients that are bound to raise awareness for their brand.

Ever want to know the latest celebrity pop culture news? Ask Giorgia, she will be all over it!
Giorgia loves combining her love for travel and music by going to concerts interstate or overseas. Having been to over 90 concerts all over the world - from London to Toronto to her hometown of Melbourne, she believes there is no other feeling than seeing your favourite artist perform right in front of your eyes (especially when you’re front row).

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Annie Konieczny PR Strategist

Annie oversees PR strategy and organic content at littleBIG.

Hailing from the UK, Annie studied at University College London and Oxford University before completing the UK Bar (smarty pants!). She is a multi-skilled and versatile lawyer-turned-PR professional with ten years’ experience across a range of clients working collaboratively at creative agencies and independently as a PR freelancer. She is a veteran of media relations and a dextrous and creative storyteller with a passion for words, detail and geeing-up teams to achieve outstanding results.

At home, Annie is busy raising two spirited kids with her partner while simultaneously trying hard to maintain an ever-ailing running hobby. A lover of books, millennial pop culture and niche History Channel documentaries (yep…anything about the Tudors or a good Saxon burial ground discovery), Annie is always looking – and forever failing – to find a moment to steal away from it all with a cuppa and The New Yorker Magazine. In short, Annie is a super nerd.

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Rohan Mehrotra Head of Digital

Rohan has 20+ years experience in business strategy, marketing and advertising. He has led the digital strategy and buying on many of Australia's most prolific brands and has seen their marketing results transform via integrating programmatic, digital marketing and ad technology as a key part of their marketing operations.

He drives a team of digital marketing specialists to execute a powerful suite of paid digital, adtech and SEO services.

He's excellent at cutting through the confusion of the ever changing and expanding digital landscape to hone in on what works business by business, situation by situation.

Rohan is a people person and loves a chat, and coffee. He really loves coffee.

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