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The Changing Australian Media Landscape

This post was written by Stephanie Ridley, a littleBIG account director with extensive experience in generating earned exposure for everything from car shows to chunky sneakers. 

For those who work in the PR industry, it’s no secret that the media landscape has changed dramatically over the last 10 years – with the rise of Instagram celebrities, digital media and blogs, and the ‘slimming down’ of many traditional media outlets. But how does this change affect the PR industry and how can we best use every aspect of today’s media to reach our target audiences?

How are we consuming media?

Gone are the days where we simply rely on newspapers, TV and radio for our news fix. Today we are spoilt for choice with media options – with plenty of them conveniently in our pockets. Thanks to the increased technology on our phones, we are consuming media quicker and more efficiently than ever. Rather than sitting down to the paper in the morning (although, many of us still love this luxury!), we are turning to digital media, such as news websites and apps, eDMs, blogs and of course, social media.

Indeed, there is arguably more content than ever to be consumed, with brands, bloggers, celebrities, influencers and media creating content to be browsed.

The rise of influencers and bloggers

With the increasing demand for social media comes more influencers and bloggers than ever using this tool to their advantage. Many brands are capitalising on influencers, bloggers and social media to propel their key messages to their audience, as it continues to be an extremely cost effective medium to cut through.

For many brands, it has never been more important than now to have a presence on social media. In fact, everyone from TV personalities, bloggers and stylists, to traditional media outlets, such as glossy fashion magazines, are building their social presence.

Traditional media in particular are using social media as a great tool to make their content work even harder for them – reaching even further than if the content was just to appear in print.

The staying power of traditional media

While digital media and social media are certainly having a big moment, let’s not forget that traditional media – such as print, TV and radio – are still key to many successful PR campaigns.

We still place so much importance on placement in major metropolitan newspapers, such as the Daily Telegraph, Herald Sun, The Courier Mail, etc. Likewise, we consider securing coverage on the evening news or morning shows, such as Sunrise, as a massive win to be celebrated! Why? As an example, the total reach of the Herald Sun’s print paper is 2.3M monthly, also 2.3M monthly. Don’t throw the dishes out with the dishwater just yet!

As much as we love seeing our fashion clients’ products on fashion bloggers, celebrities and influencers, we champion them to our contacts at the glossy magazines, as inclusion in Vogue or ELLE is still very much coveted and adds a credibility factor most digital outlets just can’t affect.

Our take?

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all media approach for every brand or client. That’s where we come in. Depending on the brief, target audience and objectives, we will tailor our media strategy accordingly. While one client may suit a social media, digital or influencer-only strategy, others may suit more of a traditional media approach – but often elements of both traditional and new media come into play. It’s all about recognising what will best cut through and resonate with your audience to secure your goal outcomes.