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Retail Marketing in a Post-Pandemic World with Erstwilder

During the year that was, one thing the retail sector can agree on is the importance of digital marketing and a highly functioning online platform. Without this, it was difficult for non-essential retail to survive and many were sadly forced to shut down.


We work alongside Melbourne-based online accessories brand Erstwilder, spreading the news and joy of their products via a strategic PR strategy that includes media and influencer relations, as well as brand collaborations. Erstwilder have been dominating the online retail game for some years now, so have great insights for other retailers newly focused in online. Evelyn Anastasopoulos, Digital Marketing Manager at Erstwilder, discusses what the brand learnt through the pandemic period and what their predictions for the rest of the year are.


1. What do you see as the biggest shift in consumer mindset and preferences coming out of 2020, when it comes to online retail?
2020 drove more consumers online in so many ways, noticeably to foster and maintain connections and stay in touch with their community. I think the biggest shift however was consumers who usually preferred to shop in store were forced to adapt and shop online, both young and old. I don’t think we can really predict what will happen to the high street yet, and if consumers’ behaviour will revert to normal. But where most online retailers benefitted in 2020, the challenge in 2021 will be retaining those customers, and maintaining that growth.


2. Looking forward, what’s one marketing insight/improvement you’ll take from 2020 and leverage in the future?

Who knew QR codes would be making a comeback! I’m already seeing them integrated into marketing campaigns and predict that will continue in future.


3. What do you see as being the most important marketing trend/tool in online retail in 2021?

For brands with communities, Facebook groups are a growing trend and really powerful tool to leverage – they provide a goldmine of insights into your customer’s wants and needs, and often generate a special kind of authentic advocacy that can’t be manufactured.


4. How do you think the Australian scenario differs to the global context when it comes to marketing in your sector in 2021?  

The recent changes to UK & EU tax laws has forced lots of small Aussie businesses to solely focus on our domestic market, making for more competition. It will also be interesting to see how the Google/Facebook vs Australian Government pans out, and the implications from that for digital marketers. So, we’re in for another interesting year!


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