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LittleBIG’S Little Wins – Winter Wonderlights 2021

It was April when Sovereign Hill reached out to littleBIG for help. They asked us to reposition and raise awareness of their hero eventWinter Wonderlights.

The challenge for us? Convincing people who don’t think Sovereign Hill is for them, that Winter Wonderlights is the best way to reconnect with loved ones and to entertain, educate and delight their kids/grandkids this winter.

Through a vibrant and inspirational creative campaign and media strategy, “Now We Shine”, we were able to successfully generate ticket sales and raise awareness among target audiences.

Of course, the campaign didn’t come without its challenges (thank you COVID-19). Despite lockdown we achieved phenomenal results. Our digital executive Andrew Barber, led the digital marketing strategy and highlighted the success in the video above.





littleBIG developed creative, a campaign and media plan and a detailed social media conversion strategy. We utilised more traditional channels such as radio and outdoor to build awareness and positioning, with digital engaging tactically with audiences further down the purchase funnel to drive conversion.


– Through online ticket sales, we returned close to 50 times their advertising investment
– 1.87 million social media impressions
– 783,6868 social media users reached
– 240,000 visits to the Winter Wonderlights website
– 4.5 million outdoor impressions

AdNews shares more insight and information on the campaign here.

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