Andrew Barber is a great digital marketing executive.

Hailing from South Australia, Andrew completed a Bachelor of Media at the University of South Australia before working in agency-land, politics and consumer goods in SA. He later made the jump across the border and landed in the offices at littleBIG.

Andrew is a numbers man, with a passion for reviewing and analysing results to optimise ad strategies. He’s the one to talk to when you’re trying to cut through the confusion of the digital marketing landscape, especially digital ads.

With big love for the Tourism industry and all things travel, he’s particularly motivated to drive demand, feet in the door, heads onto pillows, bums on seats and diners to tables via digital destination marketing.

When the weekend comes around there’s only three places you need to look to find him (if he’s in town). He’ll be on the golf course hitting well over par, at the MCG watching Carlton lose or down the pub eating a (vegan) Parma. Oh, and if you see him rock up to a meeting in a Lamborghini that means his crypto trades are going well.