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How to Make the Most of Social Media For Your Brand

Now that it’s 2020, there’s really no excuse for your brand not having a social media presence.  However, not all platforms are necessary for a brand, and it’s important to recognise which are worth your time and efforts. Follow our guide below on how to make the most of social media for your brand.

Platforms each have their own benefits, special features, and differing user demographics, which all should be considered dependent on what your brand is, the industry it’s in, brand positioning, target market, and what you actually want to communicate.

1. Facebook: Facebook is the standard platform that all brands should be present on. It has grown a lot over its 16 years, and although some say Facebook is dying, it’s really not and should be a platform all brands use. Over time, the algorithm on Facebook has changed, making it more difficult for content to reach eyeballs and maintain high engagement. However, it’s still the most popular platform used in Australia, with around 60% of Australians having an account in 2019, and 1 in 2 people check it every day (via Civic Web Media).

Facebook also allows for paid advertising across both Facebook and Instagram, allowing brands to overcome the algorithm and attempt to reach more consumers, especially targeted through relevant interests.

The great thing about Facebook is also how the platform allows for not only image and video sharing, but plain text and link sharing. It’s recommended some form of visual is included in a post as a ‘status’ can get lost, but the ability to share a direct link to a landing page can be very useful for conversion and tracking to websites, compared to other platforms.

2. Instagram: Instagram is another great platform, but is more visually based. Therefore it can be difficult to use for brands that need to communicate high amounts of text or links. It’s great for visual brands and industries like fashion and food, but can be trickier for more corporate and b2b brands. The best posts for Instagram include eye-catching, high-quality imagery or video, with short and sharp captions. A brand’s personality can really be portrayed through Instagram through imagery and tone of voice. Instagram also has the added advantage of Instagram stories, so brands can share content on the go that they don’t want to include in their feed, especially events coverage or re-sharing stories by customers, disappearing within 24 hours.

3. YouTube: YouTube is very popular in Australia, with 53% of Australians using it (via Civic Web MediaVideo is highly engaging, and can be great for brands that can share stories visually, such as tutorials (e.g. recipes, make-up tutorials), or events.

4. Twitter: Twitter is not essential for all brands. It’s great for brands, especially those that are more corporate or b2b, which are focused on communicating specific messaging, without the need for visuals. It’s also great for sharing short and quick updates if necessary.

5. LinkedIn: This platform should be specifically used for b2b. It’s a way for your brand to share insights and activities about your business with suppliers and other stakeholders through link sharing, text and video content.

6. Pinterest: Pinterest is a platform that can be forgotten in the mix, but is still a great tool for certain industries if used strategically! It’s purely image focused, so is great for fashion and lifestyle brands, especially if your brand has a lot of collections and products for users to pin into different boards (e.g. colours, patterns etc).

7. Tik Tok: The new platform everyone is talking about. This platform is all about short video content that is not necessarily of high-quality, but is entertaining and ‘ironic’. This is great for brands with a younger audience, especially for products that are fun such as lollies or clothing, and doesn’t require professional videography to be effective.

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This post was contributed by Tania Romano, one of littleBIG’s very best content creators.

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