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Graphic Design Trends in 2020

At littleBIG we are fortunate to work across a wide range of clients. This means we tackle all design solutions from social media tiles to national outdoor advertising campaigns. For this reason we always have our ears to the ground to ensure we keep up with the latest design trends. Here are what we think will be 5 Big Graphic Design Trends in 2020.

Cyberpunk colour schemes

Colour has always been an important part of conveying your message, and in 2020 things are set to get even bigger and brighter. Cyberpunk colour schemes are usually dark sci-fi looking scenes that have striking RIFS of colour cutting through. They are moody and bright, bringing the best of both worlds. We live in the future, technology is turning sci-fi into reality, and designers are marking Cyberpunk mainstream. Don’t miss out.

Empty neon street by Arya Gharti on Behance.

The GIF’s that keep on giving

Moving images are considerably more effective than still images when it comes to engaging a user. If you are looking to direct traffic to your website, social pages, blog etc, GIFs are the perfect way to lure your customers in. They allow you to tell a dynamic story, that cuts though the crowded online space. If a photo says 1,000 words a GIF says 10,000.

Gif by littleBIG

More Minimal!
Minimal has always been around doing big things with less effort, but in the last decade it has really grown. In 2020 we predict it’ll be taken to the next level as clean simple design is becoming ever more effective in getting your message out there. In our littleBIG design department our motto for 2020 is KISS (keep it simple stupid), you’ll see this really manifest in the designs coming out this year.

Personal branding by Alderham from Behance

Be Sustainable
Hello? 2020’s arrived… and guess what, it’s time to start making the decisions that will positivity effect the environment in the long term rather than what’s easier (and often cheaper) in the short term. Us designers and all businesses can lead from the front, by choosing to use recycled, ethically and sustainably sourced materials, goods and services. 20% profits margins won’t save us when the whole world is on fire.

Sustanible design by Ryan Kavanagh via Behance

Typography FTW
Type-only design has always been a superstar in creative circles, however it seems brands are starting to wake up to the magic of Typography. Finally. 2020’s going to see pure hearted type-only designs breakout like a rash. The doctor suggest you DO try to catch this one, it might just give you the creative edge you’re looking for.

littleBIG’s type-only design elements

There you have it, 5 Graphic Design Trends to look out for in 2020. New year new design trends and our creative team will be making a big impact. So if you’re looking for the creative edge to help boost your business, you know who to call.