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Focus Pillars for Life

This post was written by littleBIG Creative Director Rich Harley.


l lean in hard to pretty much anything I do in life these days, however I’ve realised I need to focus on the things that mean the most to me so I’m not constantly over-thinking and spreading myself too thin… My Family, My Health and My Work are my focus pillars for life now…


So, I’ve made some life adjustments to help me zero in on what’s important and maintain clarity and balance. I thought I’d share them as I can whole heartedly say they are working for me.



I was extremely fortunate to be raised in a loving family. We are all still extremely tight and I know how lucky I am. All I hope is that Sal and my 2 boys feel like they are loved and supported just as I was growing up.

I decided to only work 4 days a week this year and it has been extremely rewarding. It’s the little things I’ve been able to pick up during this time that I believe make the biggest difference in my relationship with my boys, like:

Identifying the differences in their personalities

Activities they enjoy -strengths and weaknesses

Understanding their ever changing frustrations

Knowing how to communicate in the best way with each of them


I think these learnings would have always come naturally over time, but having a full day with them by myself has fast tracked it all I believe. And I’m grateful for this.



As of Jan 2019 I jumped on the keto trend for shits and giggles. At the start it was a lot of shits and no giggles at all. They call it the keto flu.

The first month was hell as I shocked my body out of consuming a loaf of bread a day, washed down by the sweetest of soft drinks.

Within 3 months this is what I noticed:

Weight loss (obvs)

Better mood + more patience

Concentration + Productivity

Quality sleep


These days I’m kinda keto.

During the week I try my best to stick to a keto diet, however when it comes to celebrations, holidays, and good restaurants keto is never invited.



littleBIG is a family business, my family business. It’s my passion. It’s what I love doing. I’m fiercely protective of it as it was conceived by my wife Sally and we have been working tirelessly over the years to get it to where it is today, which is a one-stop shop for all your marketing, PR and design needs. So, for the record, I will do everything I possibly can to make sure it succeeds and this has included identifying things I need to change about myself.


This year I’ve learnt (through many frustrations) I’m consistently oversensitive about everyone and everything that comes through littleBIG. That’s my problem. But something I’m focusing on harnessing the power of, rather than letting overcome me, in 2020. Notes to self:

Check your Ego

Nobody cares as much as you do

You can’t always fix everything

Understand some people are just not going to be quite as aligned with me as others


These are all things  I continue to work on with great help from Oprah’s Super Soul Conversations with Eckhart Tolle. Find them in the podcast feed and thank me later…


So my advice to anyone that is ever accused of taking things to personally and over-caring is:

Don’t spread yourself too thin.

Judge less and embrace humility.




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