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Does Traditional Media Still Matter in PR?

Does traditional* media still matter in PR? In short, yes.
(*for the sake of this post we’re mostly talking about old-school print-based mastheads like Sydney Morning Herald, Herald Sun, The Australian, etc.)

Introduce the word ‘traditional’ into any conversation these days and watch people’s faces baulk. We are well and truly living in a digital age where ‘progressive’ is what counts. We read the news on our devices, check the weather, watch movies, look up recipes, contact our children’s schools, send messages… everything. However, the value and integrity of traditional media remains consistent even in the context of this rapidly digitised age. Here’s why:

1. Building relationships

Finding a media contact who both believes and is interested in your story is special. These relationships can be nurtured for years. Be sure to remind media contacts of the trajectory of your brand/product/org – especially if they gave you a write up that set you on a path to success.

2. Integrity

With the digitisation of news has come the advent of clickbait and a surfeit of unreliable information. Savvy media consumers are on the hunt for reputable sources since they have integrity – they cut through the often substanceless 24hr news cycle. Consumers who find products, services, experiences and more within these outlets trust them, hence why ‘talking’ to them is a key part of any good PR strategy.

3. Reputable news outlets are also online

You’re not missing out the digital news cycle by going ‘traditional’ – nearly all reputable news outlets also have digital versions and social media channels. Pitching your product/service/experience to a print journalist who writes for any outlet that may also have a digital offering is gold – two bird one stone and all that. You never know, you might get a shout out on their socials too.

4. The numbers don’t lie

Over 15.7 million Australians access newspapers in a 7 day period, either in print or online via a website or app. This represents over three-quarters of Australians consuming newspaper content led by Australia’s most widely read mastheads.

To find out more about how our PR & Event team incorporate traditional media relations into our campaigns, get in touch and let’s get talking.