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Sally Harley
Founder and Director

Sally Harley is the Founder and Director of littleBIG.

Starting her journey at Deakin University, with a Bachelor of Arts majoring in PR, Sally has 20+ years of industry experience under her belt. She’s long been at the forefront of the Marketing and PR industries with a spirit for helping businesses of all sizes further their potential.

She oversees business operations and guides the team to excellence through her hands-on leadership style.

From the spare room littleBIG was started in, to the thriving business it is today, Sally’s heart (and tummy) has always burned strong for our Food and Beverage clients – it’s no wonder F&B marketing and PR is a core littleBIG strength.

For Sally, work-life and home-life are as fun and as busy as each other, with three kids to wrangle and a passion for exploring the city, the country and the world. How does she do it all you ask? Yoga and regular lazing-around-at-home days recharge the batteries.

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Sally Harley Founder and Director
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