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Annie Konieczny
PR Strategist

Annie oversees PR strategy and organic content at littleBIG.

Hailing from the UK, Annie studied at University College London and Oxford University before completing the UK Bar (smarty pants!). She is a multi-skilled and versatile lawyer-turned-PR professional with ten years’ experience across a range of clients working collaboratively at creative agencies and independently as a PR freelancer. She is a veteran of media relations and a dextrous and creative storyteller with a passion for words, detail and geeing-up teams to achieve outstanding results.

At home, Annie is busy raising two spirited kids with her partner while simultaneously trying hard to maintain an ever-ailing running hobby. A lover of books, millennial pop culture and niche History Channel documentaries (yep…anything about the Tudors or a good Saxon burial ground discovery), Annie is always looking – and forever failing – to find a moment to steal away from it all with a cuppa and The New Yorker Magazine. In short, Annie is a super nerd.

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Annie Konieczny PR Strategist
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