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How We Can Support Our Local Businesses

Our littleBIGGERS are working from home during the outbreak of COVID-19. It can be hard not to feel helpless, especially since it might seem like every day the circumstances are getting worse. Not only are people being affected, but businesses both large and small are being impacted daily.

Each of our clients have been impacted by the outbreak, particularly those in the tourism, retail and hospitality industries. Whilst the situation is taking a toll on all national and global businesses, we encourage these simple measures to ensure that we are still supporting our clients and local businesses.

1. Word of mouth – It is so important to spread the word on local businesses. The more people are talking about brands and businesses, the more likely they are inclined to jump online and check it out. Business acting quick to offer pick up and home delivery have not necessarily been able to develop fully functioning websites, or implement a search strategy so they appear in a Google search, so make sure you’re spreading the word when you have it!

2. Buy gift cards – Even if you are isolating or working from home, you can give your local shops or even your favourite restaurants some love and a burst of confidence by spending as little as a $20 on a gift card to use later when things calm down. With the Government’s JobKeeper package due to come in place, it’s looking like many businesses will indeed be able to re-bloom post COVID-19 so help their cash-flow now to given them an even better chance.

3. Order takeaway – Your favourite restaurant might have reduced its in-house offering, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t support them through other ways like collecting takeaway or ordering delivery to your house. Not only does that mean you’ll be keeping the business alive, but it will also provide a source of income for staff who do the deliveries. Our mate Dani Valent has compiled a great list of pasta for pick-up around Melbourne which is a very comforting place to start. Our friends over at Urban List have also got you covered with a delicious list of Melbourne restaurants who are now dishing up takeaway feeds.

4. Shop online – Many local businesses will have online stores. Some of our clients that have online stores are ErstwilderSkechersDr. Martensthe Winemakers of RutherglenMelbourne Cocoa and Innocent BystanderWherever possible, try and give them your business, because as long as people are still purchasing from online shops, you are helping keep their business open and available to the community.

5. Be patient – In some cases, local businesses are working at a dramatically reduced speed and capacity. At supermarkets items such as toilet paper, rice, meat, pasta and tissues run out quickly. It’s time to be patient and remember that all businesses are working hard to ensure that our community has the right supplies and are fully stocked for working from home or self-isolation. We definitely recommend shopping at your local market or grocery store rather than the supermarket. These independant stores really need your support, the markets have plenty of space and are outdoor, supply is not an issue, they are complying carefully with COVID-19 hygeine requirements and the sense of community brightens your day.

6. Say thank you – It is so important to be grateful that we have such an amazing community who are working very hard to ensure that processes run smoothly. Saying a big thank you to local businesses, larger businesses and employees working long hours, goes a long way and we should all be very appreciative that spread the gratitude and goodwill.

This is a devastating time for everyone, but the good news is that there is still plenty that we can do to support all out local and favourite businesses. If you’d like help promoting your own business, get in touch.

This post was written by junior PR guru and small business lover Lori Spilkin.

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