Sal’s a food and drink lover. She vibes on wine with some substance to it; good local spirits; clean, fresh beer; and dry but apply cider. Her death row meal is bangers and mash. That’s no joke. 

Her style is neutral, quality basics and the occasional statement item. She buys up big every time she’s in Byron so her wardrobe is flush with natural fabrics and earth tones. But then she’ll shock you with a dash of loud Beyonce-esque athleisure. Bit of a fashion chameleon that one.

She loves a 6am Vinyasa class, reading (mostly Australian) fiction although it only seems to happen on holidays, listening to podcasts (like, almost the whole time she’s not working, sleeping or at yoga – obsessed) and spending time out in the fresh air with Rich, the kids and good coffee.

We can thank Sal for giving her “own thing” a go back in 2007 . Without her, we literally wouldn’t be where we are today. And her evangelical zeal for timelines is one of the reasons we manage to get so much done, so well.