Sally Harley is the Founder and Director of littleBIG.

Starting her journey at Deakin University, with a Bachelor of Arts majoring in PR, Sally has 20+ years of industry experience under her belt. She’s long been at the forefront of the Marketing and PR industries with a spirit for helping business of all sizes further their potential.

She’s a wiz with the written and spoken word and guides the team to effectively communicate our clients’ campaigns to key stakeholders – target consumers chief among them – whilst managing the business and spearheading strategy for key accounts.

From the spare room littleBIG was started in, to the thriving business it is today, Sally’s heart (and tummy) has always burned strong for our Food and Beverage clients – it’s no wonder F&B marketing and PR is a core littleBIG strength.

She works just as hard outside of work (although she’s quick to note that all the “work” is pretty fun and she’s a big one for decent stretches of lazy down-time in between) and on weekends, raising two young boys (with another family member on the way at the time of publication) and pursuing her mission to end single-use plastic from her family life. She’s always composting, shopping plastic-packaging-free produce from QVM online, whipping out the beeswax wraps and reusable coffee cups, and gradually adding new eco-friendly routines in.