Charlene is our Visual Designer and Content Creator.

Hailing from Singapore, Charlene started her studies in her home country where she obtained a diploma in Communication Design. She then moved to Brisbane where she attended Queensland University of Technology, studying a Bachelor of Film, TV and Visual Media. Since then, she has completed the prestigious AWARD School (twice – ‘cos once is never enough, right?!), further developing her creative and conceptual thinking. In 2021, Charlene made the move down to Melbourne and is the newest littleBIGGer.

Charlene (or Charly as she’s known to us) is a passionate designer, loving the world of animation and anything that moves. She’s always looking to take visual design to another level through dynamic content and creative strategy – whether that be through social media or larger-scale marketing campaigns. Charly’s a talented photographer and videographer with extensive experience managing, capturing and producing still and moving imagery at a high level.

A BIG lover of food + wine, Charly’s always itching to get involved with food, beverage, tourism and product-based clients where taste-testing is an essential part of the job – did we mention she’s a massive cheese lover?

When not in lockdown, Charly spends her weekends doing hot yoga, going to markets, roller-skating around the ‘burbs and bouldering. FUN FACT: Charly is allergic to cats but adopted one anyway and has been powering through ‘feline parenting’ with the sheer force of unconditional love for Kewpie (yes, named after the delicious Japanese mayo!)