Yowie Australia

Yowie is 100% premium milk chocolate with a surprise inside, manufactured by Yowie Group Ltd.

Yowie introduced its second series to Australia, the Ranger Series, in February 2018. It can be found on the shelves of key confectionary stores across Australia, including selected Woolworths, K-Mart, Big W, The Reject Shop, Coles Express, Toys R Us, IGA, Event Cinemas and News Link.

littleBIG was called upon to reintroduce Yowie to Australian media and consumers – to drive awareness about the Yowie Ranger Series by targeting long, mid and short-lead media across all media channels.

The aim for this PR campaign was generate excitement about the Yowie Ranger Series, and to position Yowie as both the must have chocolate with a collectible for children in Australia and the natural choice for the health and nature-conscious consumer.

littleBIG created buzz around the Yowie Ranger Series through the implementation of a strategic PR campaign, which incorporated a mix of media relations, targeted pitching and influencer engagement.

Yowie’s return to the Australian market with the Ranger Series went off with a bang!

Through targeted pitching littleBIG was able to secure coverage in a range of publications including news.com.au and the entire Newscorp online network (13 online publications), Little Angel Magazine, Busy Mums Magazine and Mornington Peninsula Kids.

Yowie also took over the Australian airwaves, with on-air and street team giveaways across 2DAY FM, the HIT network in Brisbane, Adelaide, Hobart and Perth, FOX FM and Triple M in Adelaide.

Ever more buzz was created for the Ranger Series through influencer engagement. We connected with influencers across parenting, lifestyle and wellness including some big name – Steph Claire Smith, Beck Lomas, Brit Davis, House of White and The Real Dads of Melbourne, to name a few.

We’re excited to facilitate several more giveaways over the coming months within popular kids magazines such as Mania, It Girl and Krash.

littleBIG’s Yowie Ranger Series campaign was an enormous success that reached an incredible 37,153,462 Australians and achieved a PR value of more than $803,982.

January 08, 2019