September 06, 2016

Long time littleBIG client Skechers (6+ years!) has bucked the declining retail trend, with new stores frequently opening in Australia and New Zealand to keep up with booming consumer demand.

Working closely with the Skechers marketing team, littleBIG helps to carry out various marketing campaigns including installations, guest appearances, seeding, sponsorship, ambassadorships and advertising strategies.

littleBIG also works on monthly PR campaigns and quarterly media showings – securing editorial across print, online and social media channels.

In July 2016, littleBIG held a social media workshop with Skechers in the aim of ramping up their current social media presence. This included a two-day workshop that involved research, goal setting, understanding Facebook advertising, determining audience outreach and developing a plan to build a following. The Skechers Instagram account has been steadily growing ever since!