Finch & Lane Interiors

September 06, 2016

The littleBIG team was lucky enough to work with Finch & Lane Interiors to launch their first store in April 2016.

Finch & Lane Interiors offers beautifully crafted furniture and home furnishings at an accessible price, including artfully restored rare vintage movie posters, which altogether creates a complete furnishing solution for living and dining areas. We absolutely loved their range and found ourselves all itching to buy pieces for our own homes.

We worked with the team to launch their brand to market via an intimate launch event and strong media relations campaign. We also managed their social media accounts, Instagram and Facebook and grew their respective followings substantially in a short time-frame.

What we loved most about working with the Finch & Lane Interiors team was their passion and adoration to produce and sell quality products, making them accessible to everyone.