The Power of Partnership

Here at littleBIG we’re always talking about the importance of true partnership – we see ourselves as extension of our clients’ marketing teams.

Today I’m talking about a different type of partnership – brand partnerships (also known as brand collaborations, if you want to be more “buzz wordy”).

A brand partnership can be a great marketing tactic to use, particularly when working with limited resources, or undertaking a brand positioning/ repositioning. It sees you partner with a brand or a sponsorship property that has a complementary brand and/or product values.

Like wine and cheese, like salt and vinegar, Netflix and chill – YASSS! You might also have a similar audience and/ or distribution channels.

So what are some of the benefits of brand partnerships as a tool in your marketing strategy?

  • Greater awareness and reach, for a lower cost, by tapping into each other’s audiences
  • Reduced marketing costs, by sharing the spend and leveraging each other’s assets
  • Changing existing brand perceptions (eg luxury or accessible – in the case of Missoni x Target)
  • Access to new audiences and channels
  • The ability to solve customer problems or barriers to purchase
  • Exciting new creative ideas and campaigns, opportunities for PR
  • Access to new sales or distribution channels

Some of the more famous partnerships you might be inspired by include  – Apple and Nike, Red Bull and Go Pro, Stella McCartney & Adidas, Chandon & Sea Folly, Go To Skincare and Kester Black.

Closer to home, littleBIG is enjoying working on some amazing collaborations –

  • A Preston Market / Melbourne Food & Wine Festival event that cements Preston market’s repositioning to a foodie hotspot;
  • Our client Innocent Bystander is partnering with Circus Oz to bring together Melbourne’s famous arts, food and wine culture;
  • Wizz Fizz cementing its reputation as Australia’s best-loved party bag filler in their collaboration with the pop-up sweets experience Sugar Republic
  • QVM and Air Canada joined forces to bring a unique experience to the market with a Canadian style ice rink in the middle of summer
  • Moments and Cosmo stand up comedy & cocktail night a Uni O Week’s, designed to empower women to look after their sexual health


While you might not feel ready to commit on such a large scale to a brand partnership in your marketing planning, social media is a measurable way to dip your toe in the water when it comes to brand partnerships or collaborations. It might be in form of a guest post, an insta take over, or a competition.

Tell us, who would you like to collaborate with?

littleBIG stretch session with Creative Director Rich Harley

Tight hip flexors or sore lower back? Low energy or lethargic at your desk?

In between client meetings and the hustle of a busy multi-service agency, we often take a break to stretch. It’s an instant mood booster for the team, increases energy and productivity, improves concentration but most importantly, it puts a bit of fun in the workplace, something we value here in the littleBIG office. It’s also entertaining to watch our Creative Director, Rich Harley try and touch his toes. He’s not as flexible as his wife, founder of littleBIG, Sally Harley, who’s childhood ballet shoes are still hanging in her wardrobe or Co-GM, Kate Thompson who’s party trick is actually the splits (true story, we’re not even joking).

Our talented team aren’t only experts in marketing and PR but have some pretty cool skills on the side. Our resident littleBIG pilates instructor and Marketing Executive, Kasey Ciappara has a few stretches to break up the work day and have your body feeling good. Wellbeing in the workplace is all the rage and we can see why. Why wouldn’t you want to prevent future damage from sitting down for 7+ hours, 5 days per week?

Here’s our 5 office favourites:


Here’s what our Creator Director, Rich looks doing the same stretches (for the LOLs)

Anyway, enough about stretching. Despite these office antics, we are a boutique marketing agency humming with smart people who passionately propel food, fashion and lifestyle brands and experiences through great design and various elements of the marketing mix.

Follow us on social media or check out the rest of our website for our portfolio of work. Also, we don’t bite so get in touch for a coffee or a chat.



















































What the Netflix documentary Fyre Festival taught us

If you spent your weekend at home on the couch Netflix and chilling (the real kind), you’ve probably watched the trending documentary Fyre Festival. Once we got past the blatant shock and initial reaction, we come to realisation that there are some valuable lessons to be learnt.

Whether you are a business owner, marketing manager or consultant, you already know the power of social media marketing and you’ve probably started to delve into the growing realm of influencer marketing. You might have even run an event in the past and can resonate with the challenges that you face along the way.

So, what did the documentary teach us and what lessons can you take away?

1. Influencer marketing is a growing market and a valuable investment – it’s a great way to get your brand recognised and get maximum reach with minimal investment. We work with influencers daily and now that Instagram is recognised as a business platform, it’s essential you have a strategy when doing so.
2. Leave it to the professionals – as a marketing agency, we get that there are so many facets to marketing and boast well-honed professionals across social media, events, PR, design and marketing. We’re here to support those big goals and work with clients to achieve objectives. The alternative could be an event that is chaos and leaves thousands of people stranded on an island… (That’s extreme but you get the drift).
3. Listening is the key to success – we speak openly and honestly with businesses daily on our recommendations and insights based on years of experience so if we raise concerns or questions, there’s usually a good reason. We always want the best for you and ensure the best return on your investment no matter how little or BIG your brand is. Not only do we listen carefully, we appreciate when we get that in return.
4. Work in a team – We treat our partners, suppliers and anyone else we come across as we want to be treated! We rely on building and nurturing these relationships. We have a hunch there really is such thing as ‘good karma’ or ‘bad karma.’
5. It takes more than an end goal to succeed – you can have a vision or a dream, whether that be a luxurious festival in the Bahamas or a product launch in Sydney but without a strategy and carefully thought out process you won’t get the result you’re after.

If you’d like to start a conversation with us, feel free to get in touch. We’re happy to meet for a coffee or have a chat!

The littleBIG guide to wellbeing at work

It’s the busiest time of year with Christmas parties, social gatherings, concerts, night markets, and plenty more. We are all trying to fit everything in and DO IT ALL. Our health can take the back-burner and saying ‘yes’ to some things may mean pushing other things down our priority list. Sadly, one of the first things we tend to sacrifice is our own physical and mental health.

We’ve got a list together of tips to stay on top of your health this silly season!

  1. Wake up and move your body – Laura Vanderkam, author of “What the Most Successful People Do Before Breakfast”, interviewed and studied the behaviours of CEOs for years before writing her book. She explains prioritising your morning and the way you start your day has a direct correlation to how successful you are at work. If you are a procrastinator, waking up and doing exercise will not only get the workout done early but it will also boost serotonin levels in the brain, increasing your mood and let’s face it, making you a happier, nicer colleague to be around! Hallelujah!
  2. Eat a healthy breakfast – Unfortunately, this is a huge one for most busy professionals. You get to work, the phone rings, your meeting arrives early, you’ve got 100 unread emails, you fed the kids, but you forgot to eat yourself! This is setting you up to make bad food choices because your blood sugar levels will drop and before you know it, you are craving and reaching for that processed sugar snack or that caffeine fix to satiate you until lunch.
  3. Have a water jug at your desk – If you are in an office with heating or air conditioning then it is easy to get dehydrated. If you have a jug at your desk, you will be reminded to drink water throughout your day.
  4. Be mindful at work – Mono-tasking is the new multi-tasking. It’s easy to get overwhelmed with workload so before you open ten tabs on your desktop, write a list and prioritise your tasks. If you work mindfully on one task at a time, you are going to work smarter not harder. You won’t have to check over the mistakes you’ve made so you’ll take half the time.
  5. Check yourself before you wreck yourself – Self awareness is the key when it comes to working in teams. Your attitude and behaviour will always affect those around you. Do you ever have a feeling or get a vibe when you meet someone without them saying one word? If you need to take a break or have five minutes in peace, go for a walk, have a coffee, or even chat to a colleague about how you are actually feeling. It helps to ride the waves of those emotions with supportive people around you – and be honest about it, suppressing will only make it worse.
  6. Let it go – Nobody is perfect and if someone annoys you or does something that you don’t agree with, talk about it with them directly and then move on. Don’t waste extended time and energy on things you don’t need to. We are all guilty of creating an elaborate story in our head and holding onto negative feelings.
  7. Take regular breaks throughout your work day – There is plenty of research now that proves productivity comes in bursts. The Pomodoro Technique is one method that enables you to learn to work with time and not against it. The aim is to focus while the timer is on, then you are rewarded with a break where you can snack, get a cup of tea or coffee, or just a bit of fresh air outside.

These tips, along with choosing real and wholesome food, scheduling in regular workouts, putting yourself first when it comes to health, and just learning to say no, are absolutely essential to being the healthiest and happiest human you can be. It’s time to make this December a good one by getting ahead of those New Year’s resolutions!



Meet Millie Archer – homewares dreamed and designed with love in Melbourne

Established in July 2015, Millie Archer is a small batch designer brand that produces no more than 100 pieces of each design. Every design costs no more than $100; ensuring that each item is exclusive yet affordable.

With the turn of every season, Millie Archer launches a new collection to keep living spaces fresh, aspirational and up-to-date. Each collection is a combination of uniquely designed feature pieces (wall prints, cushions) as well as fashionable everyday items (mugs, coasters).

The introduction of a single Millie Archer design changes the look and feel of every home or office. The versatility of each piece allows for effortless integration into any space, and in turn updates the aesthetic of any room.

Key collection pieces include:
⦁ Baskets
⦁ Cushions & throws
⦁ Glassware & mugs
⦁ Hanging planters
⦁ Prints
⦁ Terrariums
⦁ Vases

Millie Archer is available online at



Founded on a mutual love of homewares and design, Millie Archer is the brainchild of Melbourne couple, Paul Jager and Laura O’Keeffe.

Following 18 months of intense research, the couple pooled together their skills, style and background to create beautiful, minimalist homewares with a scandi/vintage edge.

The name Millie Archer was created by combining Laura and Paul’s favourite names: Millie and Archer.

“The name was a big decision,” Laura says.

“It was like naming a child. We would say the name on a daily basis more times than we would say each others.”

“We knew it had to be fresh and catchy in the hope that it becomes part of everybody’s style vocabulary.”

Laura’s background is in retail marketing, having worked for retail mecca Chadstone Shopping Centre for four years before moving into digital marketing and then onto Millie Archer.

Paul has a Bachelor and Honours degree in Commerce and Economics and has managed his family’s small business for the past six years.

The couple say each Millie Archer design is given as much care, love and attention as they dedicate to each other.

“We hope everyone falls in love with Millie Archer as much as we have!”


SO:ME Space

SO:ME Space

SO:ME Space

SO:ME Space


Finch logo screen

‘New York loft meets French apartment’ is the timeless appeal that Finch & Lane introduces to the Melbourne interiors market.

Born from a desire to produce and sell quality lifestyle living and dining furnishings, Finch & Lane makes exquisite things accessible to everyone.

Opening in April 2016, Finch & Lane is owned and operated by Stephanie and David Rew and showcases beautifully crafted furniture and home furnishings as well as rare vintage movie posters, artfully restored, which altogether create a complete furnishing solution for the home.

High quality is top of mind for Finch & Lane throughout the entire production process. From sourcing the perfect materials and craftsmen, to their newly restored historic 1920’s flagship store in Malvern, all the way through to their impeccable customer service. Their furnishings incorporate exquisite joinery and intricate upholstery detailing. Luxurious Belgian linen puts a tasteful finish to charming yet functional pieces of furniture.

Elegant and graceful in design with a subtle colour palette, each range comprises of a number of key shapes and designs that have been well researched and developed with outstanding quality a key factor in the sourcing model.

Their materials have been sourced from around the globe to ensure that the end product is uncompromised in terms of materials, workmanship and quality.

The Finch & Lane poster collection includes rare posters (with some the only in existence), that will provide a unique conversation piece for art collectors, stylists, property owners and corporates alike. David brings extensive knowledge with him to Finch & Lane after sourcing his first movie poster at the age of 14 (American Graffiti, 1973).

Finch & Lane is directed toward a niche market interested in buying quality pieces for a tasteful home.

Each piece of furniture from Finch & Lane has been made by master craftsmen with superb attention to detail and quality.

The furniture offering includes living and dining pieces such as cabinets, bookcases, dining tables and chairs, buffets, sofas, loungers, and armchairs just to name a few. Combining the individual passions of the owners (quality design and movie poster expertise), each range is named after favoured movie stars including Marlon Brando, Jean Harlow and the lovable Audrey Hepburn.

Crafted primarily from white American Oak sourced from North Carolina, the timber is beautifully crafted to bring a perfect mix of functionality and design. All other timbers are reclaimed Elm or Fir from heritage buildings no longer in use. Throughout the whole production process, Finch & Lane encompassed a natural penchant to ensure all of their pieces were sustainable and environmentally-friendly.

One hundred per cent Belgian linen upholstery is used to produce a luxurious feel and rugs are made using bamboo silk, viscose and/or wool emphasising the stunning Finch & Lane style.

Bek Sheppard from Bek Sheppard Styling boasts about the beautiful aesthetic a piece of Finch & Lane furniture brings to your home and how each piece and range has been so well considered.

“Finch & Lane’s bespoke furniture and interior décor is simply stunning. The furniture is timeless, sophisticated and effortless and customers will be sure to discover a truly beautiful selection of products to suit their home.

It’s really refreshing to find a new interiors store in Melbourne that has found its own niche market that will enhance any living and dining space”.

Precinct 2 NEW compressed



Known for its original approach to the humble meatball, The Meatball & Wine Bar – Flinders Lane brekky menu includes some all-time favourites for the first meal of the day, guaranteed to get you off to a great start.

Continuing its tongue-in-cheek storyline, The Meatball & Wine Bar is on the ball with their new breakfast menu, offering the traditional toasty, available in five delicious flavors including Bolognese, Mushroom with Pork Sausage and Nutella with Banana.

For the traditionalists, homemade crumpets are on offer but severed with Honeycomb Butter or Lemon Curd for a twist. With a nod to their Italian roots, the Avocado Caprese combines fresh avocado and heirloom tomatoes combined with mozzarella and basil on toasted Quinoa bread.

The Breakfast Hero is the perfect mix of brekky favorites and includes truffle scrambled eggs, bacon, spinach, cheddar and basil for a full protein hit while fresh fruit salad with yoghurt, honey and granola provides another option for those on-the-go.

For the ultimate wake up before work, The Meatball & Wine Bar – Flinders Lane breakfast menu also offers eye-opening coffees by Dukes, combined with specialty milks from Milk.Lab and Jonesy’s and awesome teas from Storm in a Tea Cup. Or for those needing an extra pick-me-up, why not stop in and indulge in a Virgin Mary on the run.

This new breakfast offering is in response to customer demand and illustrates the brand’s desire to expand their offering. Customers are invited to call ahead so that breakfast is ready to take away for those who still need to pound the pavement to get to work.

Visit The Meatball & Wine Bar

Facebook – meatballandwinebar
Instagram – @meatballWB

For additional information please contact:
Rhianna Senior 03 9025 9574 / 0421 806 902 /
Jarryd Pentony 03 9025 9574 / 0418 501 004 /

About The Meatball and Wine Bar
The Meatball & Wine Bar offering can currently be found in three locations in Melbourne; 135 Flinders Lane – Melbourne, 105 Swan Street – Richmond and 98 Smith Street – Collingwood. All balls and accompaniments are made lovingly with the highest quality ingredients, sourced locally. Beef Balls are nothing but 100 per cent pasture fed Black Angus, Pork Balls are made using Black Berkshire pig and Chicken Balls are produced from free range and certified organic chooks. Fish in The Meatball & Wine Bar fish balls are line caught in Australian waters and Vege balls are produced only from home grown seasonal vegetables.


Logo Our Community logo

Victorian law firm Moores and not-for-profit hub Our Community have released a Child Protection Toolkit to help not-for-profit organisations and schools to promote child safety and prevent institutionalised child abuse.

The Child Protection Toolkit has been released in the wake of new Victorian legislation that came into effect for most not-for-profits, including education, disability, religious bodies, sport and maternal and health care service providers, on January 1 this year.

The changes, introduced under the Crimes, Child Wellbeing and Education Acts, impose on organisations a range of new child protection obligations.

The Child Protection Toolkit explains the Victorian changes as well as the wider social and legislative context, and sets out practical advice to help organisations across Australia meet their compliance obligations and ensure their environment is a safe place for children. It also takes into account the ongoing Royal Commission Parliamentary inquiry, which is expected to be finalised in 2017.

The toolkit has been written by Moores, drawing on its extensive experience working with not-for-profit organisations on these issues, and is edited, published and distributed by Our Community.

Lead author Catherine Brooks, a Principal at Moores, says she is passionate about helping to prevent institutional child abuse. She says that by making the toolkit available at no cost to Australian organisations, Moores aims to help preserve every child’s right to a safe childhood.

“By downloading this toolkit and putting in place the strategies, policies and procedures it recommends, organisations will be taking the first invaluable step toward preventing child abuse,” Ms Brooks said. “We at Moores are committed to making a positive social impact and we’re proud to be helping society’s most vulnerable people (our children) in this way.

“With a rise in the number of Australian children receiving child protection services each year*, it is vital these new laws are understood and taken seriously so we as a community can work together to reduce this number year-on-year. We’d like to see these figures reduced to zero.” According to Ms Brooks, the pro bono value of the toolkit is $75,000.

Our Community released the Child Protection Toolkit to its database of 80,000 members today. It is also be available on the Our Community website – visit

For more information on Moores please visit:

For media enquiries, contact us here at littleBIG (03) 9025 9574


Women leading the way in unlikely business sector

ASX-listed technology services firm, DWS, has for the first time appointed a female to serve on their Board of Directors.

Jodie Moule, Co-Founder of Symplicit – Australia’s largest customer experience (CX), design and innovation consultancy – was announced onto the Board at a recent Annual General Meeting.


Jodie, a psychologist, and her industrial designer husband, Stephen Moule founded Symplicit in 2003 – the company now employs 65 staff across three states (NSW, VIC, QLD).
Jodie says that her background in psychology gives her a broader perspective for being able to understand human behaviour and this helps not only in her role on the Board of Directors for an IT Services firm, but most importantly led her to work in an industry not typically populated with women.
“Having a psychology background, I never thought I would end up in the IT business space. The reality is that I started out in a career that was about understanding people and those skills have transferred across to a completely different industry that also requires a high level of understanding of human behaviour given that all technology is built for use by people.
“I am honoured to be the first female on the DWS Board of Directors and hope that we see more women in these sorts of roles across the industry generally.” Jodie said.
Symplicit are specialists in understanding and interpreting customer behaviours through deep understanding of habits and behaviours, and translating these into strategic design solutions for organisations – this approach is known as Human Centred Design. Their keen focus on customers separates them from other agencies, helping them champion the new era of putting the customer first and using Human Centred Design methods to create products, systems and services that create a competitive advantage for their clients.


The business believes that understanding human behaviour allows you to change the customer experience, and that change happens through creative thinking and clever, simple design.


Jodie’s background in clinical and organisational psychology coupled with Stephen’s experience as an industrial designer led them to create the successful innovation and design company Symplicit.


Symplicit have worked with local and international companies such as Telstra, ANZ, PayPal, eBay, DHL International, Coles, Officeworks and Queensland Ambulance Service.


For more information please visit:

For all media enquiries, please contact us:
Kristina Manasieva | | (03) 9025 9574
Jarryd Pentony | | (03) 9025 9574