“I started littleBIG in 2007, promising independent businesses high quality, affordable marketing assistance.
As we’ve grown, we haven’t stopped caring about businesses doing inspiring or creative things, regardless of their size. And our big-name partners love this down-to-earth, flexible attitude too.
Our connections and clients respect our smart and efficient service. We believe we can change the way businesses thrive in this world and keep our heads and our humour while we do it.”


littleBIG Founder & Director



We kick things off with a discovery session to investigate your hopes for the future and how, specifically, you’re going to build towards them, before conceiving of a powerful and integrated marketing plan to get you there. This may include developing your positioning, working out what budget to spend where, investigating the most effective target audience, a channel plan and tactical overview, detailed timeline and roadmap for who should do what.


Our talented team of strategists, art direction and graphic design specialists have produced some of the country’s best brand strategies, logos, brand systems and simple yet effective style guides at very competitive rates. If you need to create or build upon an identity for your brand – contact us.


Clever design requires intuitive audience insight, creative and inventive instincts and the embodiment of brand and business values. We take pride in matching the right creative to the right client, to generate packaging and product design, printed material, web and social assets, signage and other visual communications that attract the right audience and meet your business needs.


Our media and influencer relationship networks are unsurpassed. We are known not for fluffy personalities, but for working hard and smart to provide valuable content contributions that drive results. Talk to us if you want to ‘see’ your ‘name’ up in lights in the nation’s most influential social media feeds, magazines, newspapers, online publications, TV and radio programs.


A great event – with the right approach to a targeted attendance – can connect your business live-and-in-person (or virtually) with your stakeholders. We have an extensive history of developing and managing high-impact launches, parties, previews, activations, virtual events and more across a range of industries. Crucially, getting the right people there and spreading the word outside of the room is key.


We help businesses start and maintain meaningful conversations with digital communities. With core strength in the hugely popular worlds of Facebook and Instagram, we navigate a suite of options to expertly guide you to successful social campaigns. We believe your company’s social media activity must work hand-in-hand with your website and consider that crucial relationship at every stage. We tailor your social media package to suit your own strengths, resources and requirements. Options include strategy production, training, content production and posting, outreach & community management and advertising implementation.


We understand the need for easily adaptable yet highly engaging, beautifully designed websites and have produced many. SEO is always a priority and paid search, email marketing, SMS communications, social strategy integration and apps will be intelligently and analytically considered as part of your digital marketing strategy when it’s time to take that step.


From major events to localised retail campaigns, our senior strategists have the experience to help you define how best to target your dollar, within your overall marketing mix. Our creatives have varied experience in bringing clever, strategy-based concepts to life through enticing visuals and smart words.


You won’t hear us relying on the word ‘daaaaaaahling’ to make our connections. Media, influencers, suppliers, collaborators and clients alike appreciate our smart and efficient service. We don’t believe we’re saving the world, but we do believe in our ability to change the way businesses thrive in it.
While we are a “full-service marketing agency”, no two client partnerships are the same. For some we undertake the entire marketing function, acting as an off-site marketing department.
For others we handle one or some pieces of the puzzle, whether it be designing a beautiful brand presence that sells, achieving earned media outcomes and influencer engagements or executing a powerful ad campaign. Creating synergies between different parts of the mix is one of our strengths. It saves small marketing teams time in briefing and management and rationalises fees. We love to work as part of your team to deliver real results.
Uniquely, because strong design skills exist within our four walls, every output we deliver, be it under or above the line, looks the goods.


It’s no accident we’re good at the things we love: food & drink, travel, interesting or enriching things and fun times. At every stage, we have proactively sought to work with businesses that share our zest for life.


We work with the places and tastes that make Australia a food and drink lovers’ playground.


Our eclectic mix of clients in the tourism arena spans metro and regional attractions and accomodation operators, regional tourism bodies and aviation businesses.


We work with lifestyle products, apps and experiences which inspire us. To us, ‘lifestyle’ is about what we wear, how we have fun, how we live, expert support and making the world a better place.


Elevate your visibility. We deliver results to a suite of fashion players, from global giants to Aussie newcomers.


Elevate your visibility. We deliver results to a suite of fashion players, from global giants to Aussie newcomers.


We work with lifestyle products, apps and destinations which inspire us. To us, ‘lifestyle’ is about diversity, fun and expert support.


Our eclectic mix of Experience experience (ha) spans boutique and major public events, world-class food and wine immersions, kids and family outings and pop-culture fandom.


Drop us a line or give us a call to chat about how we might be able to help. (03) 9025 9574