This post was written by littleBIG creative young gun Joel Langford.

Staying relevant is something that’s vital for the survival of any business. You need to keep up with the waves of innovation and public attitude changes to ensure longevity. Your visual brand can be a tell-tale sign of your growth over time, and if your visuals aren’t keeping up with your business it might be sending the wrong message to your customers or clients.


We’ve outlined 5 ways to tell if it’s time for a brand refresh.


You’ve evolved as a business

There is no better way to say we’ve upgraded what we do, but to upgrade how you look. If your business has made major changes to how you operate, the services you provide or your product, updating your brand is often the best way to signal to your current and future customers that you’re doing something better.


The market you operate in is changing

Clients and customers always want to know if your business is keeping up with what’s new. Keeping your brand look up to date with changes in your market is a great way to reassure people that you’ve got your ear to the ground. An excellent example of this is how the tech giants like Apple and Microsoft have updated their brands as the computing industry has changed over time.


Your brand identity is outdated

The truth is, what was cool in the 90’s, early 2000’s or even a few years ago often doesn’t age well. You may have been a stand-out brand 5-10 years ago, but if you haven’t updated your brand for some time you’ll start to look out of touch. We always make sure we are updating how we look visually at littleBIG and you should too. (But there’s absolutely such thing as re-branding too often which is a whole other problem for another blog post!)


You’re fading into the market instead of standing out

How do you look compared to your competitors, are you too similar, too old or too ‘standard’? Many business markets are highly populated and this requires an outstanding brand look and feel to cut through. An important part of creating a successful brand is showing what you do better than the rest, and this starts with your how you look.


Your brand is inconsistent

You’ve started off small and grown organically, a very familiar story for many businesses. A common outcome of slowly building business is your brand has been built piece by piece as you’ve grown. This can often result in an inconsistent brand visuals across your channels. It’s important to make sure everywhere your business appears to people, it’s consistent, improving brand recognition by customers.


Brand visuals are indeed make or break for your business, as modern media such as Instagram is training customers to value what looks good in the first instance, it’s important you’re looking the part.


If you ever have any questions about how your brand is traveling, our design team is always here to help out. Hit up Rich or Joel any time.

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