Did you know a post with at least one Instagram hashtag averages 12.6% more engagement than a post with no hashtags? That’s a big jump! Instagram hashtags are important as they can help to increase post reach, engagement and discoverability. Here we will outline our top tips for nailing hashtags in 2019. ”Guide 1. Organise your hashtags Instagram hashtags can often be time consuming! We recommend organising hashtags into lists based on themes. You can save these lists in notes on your phone and easily copy and paste them into your first comment on Instagram. It’s a huge time saver! 2. Test the number of hashtags There’s no one size fits all with Instagram hashtags. Some people say the magic number is seven, others thirty. The truth is you need to test what works for you. Just note the max amount you can do is 30 hashtags. 3. Include specific hashtags The narrower you are, the higher your chance is of being discovered on Instagram’s search engine. Better to compete in a small pool of competition than a larger one, right? Keep hashtags closely aligned to the theme of the post, and try adding a geographical location e.g. #marketingmelbourne 4. Research competitors An easy way to get inspiration is to research your competitors’ hashtags. Have a look and their top performing posts and what hashtags were used. You might learn and thing or two. 5. Create a branded hashtag Want to improve your brand identity on socials? Branded hashtags are the way to do it! A branded hashtag should encourage followers to want to use the hashtag themselves. Tim Tam successfully pulled this off with their #TimTamSlam campaign.   Now that you’re up-to-speed, get hashtagging!