On International Women’s Day, the littleBIGGERs asked their own inspirational boss lady, Sally Harley, which woman inspires her…. Annabel Crabb – Her “Wife Drought” concept around women, men, family and work really resonates with me. I strongly believe in the idea that both partners taking parental leave and sharing the work and family load equally is key to the long-term advancement of women (and men) in Australia. I think she articulates this really well and it’s a concept that can make real change on a public and corporate policy level. Her accessible journalistic style and achievements are also inspirational. As is her no-fuss approach to cooking and home life which we get to hear lots about when she’s doing media for books, or bantering and giggling away with equally inspirational friend Leigh Sales on the podcast Chat 10 Looks 3. Fan-girling a bit now. When I reflect on it, I guess Rich and I have Annabel Crabbed our life! We both work four days a week at littleBIG and take care of the kids at home one day a week each. Day-care pick/ups and drop offs are handled by the person who doesn’t have interrupting work/exercise/social commitments with no hard or fast rules. It feels like our home duties are spread fairly equally although either one of us will argue otherwise… when I’m in the midst of my fourth load of washing for the day or he’s out watering the garden at 10pm at night, half asleep, for example! We have four parents on permanent staff at littleBIG, who all work part-time hours to serve the needs of their family as well as their workplace. I hope Rich is not the only dad littleBIG employs in the same fashion and I hope that non-gendered perspective on work hours becomes an unremarkable, normal part of work and lifestyles in the not-too-distant future. Thanks Annabel Crabb for putting the concept on into the public forum. I salute you this International Women’s Day!