Our web legend, Michael Urquhart, shares awesome webby tips with the office on a regular basis which never fail to amaze and help us littleBIGers. We thought you, wider world, might find them super handy too so here are a few easy little Google tips he’s written up for you. Thanks Mike!

1. Google My Business

As the name suggests Google My Business is where you can modify the information that Google knows about your business.  This information is most often viewed in the rich snippets shown in the top right of searches and in Google maps.  If you have a physical location this is especially important as this is where you can update the details like location and opening times.  You can add your business if Google does not know about it or claim an existing listing.  Your business may already be listed, even if you did not add it, as the general public, or Google themselves, may have added it.   You will need to verify that you own business which normally entails an automated phone call or a physically posted postcard.

2. Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a free website statistics tool.  You can drill down and find out a bunch of information about who visits your site.  Information like how many visits, the most visited pages, how long people stay, what country they come from and the list goes on.  To be honest it can be a little overwhelming when you first delve in but once you pick up the basics it will become an invaluable tool. Once you add your site you will just need to add a code snippet to every page of your site or there are many website plugins that will do the same.

3. Google Seach Console

Google Search Console (previously Google Webmaster Tools) is something any good web developer knows about but can also be very useful for any website owner.  It details the more technical aspects of how the Google search engine sees your site.  Things like how many of your site pages are in the Google search index.  Once registered you may also receive notifications if there are issues with your site.  You again will have to verify that you own or control the website normally by uploading a file to your site.