This post was written by littleBIG’s PR Specialist Camilla Speirs, one of Melbourne’s all time PR guns. Camilla’s a pro when it comes to media communications and smart strategy so listen up y’all…

We’ve all heard the cliché, a picture tells a thousand words and in today’s landscape, it’s never been so true.  The impact of imagery on our daily lives is at an all time high with the constant bombardment of unavoidable visual stimuli evoking an array of emotions at any given moment, from joy to sadness, bliss to fear and humour to elation.  Thus, the power of the visual.

From the moment we awake, our minds are submerged in a world of varying imagery, all of which our brains respond to and the world around us becomes a veritable smorgasbord of stories. Images created with a particular message or story in mind, when created well, can be a brand’s most valuable tool. And with the rise of social media, we are now incessantly consuming and reacting to more visuals than ever before and a clever but conscious marketer will know and understand how to best use imagery to tell a story which will ultimately illicit a response.

No one can argue that unlike text, a strong visual can tell a story that will remain in our neurological library for years to come. Pictures not only help us recall experiences they enhance our emotional response so, it’s no surprise that visuals are paramount when it comes to communicating a brand ethos or a campaign message.

So, if the main ingredients for telling a story or selling an idea are words and images, PR’s are required to be outstanding in both areas.  This requires educated thought and the ability to respectively work with a myriad of visual talent such as photographers, illustrators and graphic designers alike.  And with rapid digital processing at our fingertips, there is no excuse for poor visuals when it comes to creating an impactful and relevant media kit.  The industry is filled with talented photographers keen to hone in on their skills and produce engaging and impactful images so brands need to willing to invest in quality imagery in order to clearly tell their brand story when it comes to PR.

Quality imagery in a media kit can mean the difference between standing out and demanding attention or falling to the bottom of the pile.  Storytelling visuals in a media kit create greater recall relating to both product and brand.  So when communicating with media and consumers alike, strong visuals are imperative.

So, the moral of this story is to invest in great imagery because as a crucial ingredient to selling a story idea, if content is king, then visuals are the crown jewels!