This post was written by littleBIG Senior Designer Andrew Vohmann. He’s quite the star at designing for web so read up kids!

I’ve been looking through the archives of my bookmarked sites. I tend to always save sites that grab my attention by featuring minimal & simplistic effects. Small but thought out design features make user experience more memorable and create a nice point of difference from brand to brand. Below are a few that I think have been executed perfectly.

Static / Interactive Typography 











When landing on you’re greeted with a nice blend of typography that sets the tone of the site. The large hyper-blue, serifed font complimented with the monospaced body copy works amazingly as a showcase for the digital agency. When you scroll over the text you realise you can interact with every element in the site. It’s great.

Simple Side Menus 












I like side menus because they de-clutter websites. Obviously there’s always a time and place for these, but they are often a nice touch if the homepage is content heavy. displays the menu with slight animation that isn’t overbearing & it’s easy to navigate back to the homepage.

Awkward  / Offset Grid 


Awkward and offset grids are a way to steer your site from becoming tiresome & soul-crushing. Although it might seem bizarre, it’s actually organised chaos. To me, this device must be used in a restrained way, so the user can always engage & become accustom to the site’s UX. do this well by sparsely using colour & showing heaps of negative space. The structure works really well with their playful identity.

Layering & Collage 











This example may be a bit hectosh, but the way Adidas have integrated their product with flat colours, textures & moving shapes gives the product context & feeling. They’ve managed to provide movement to a static product which will engage your customer on a different level. The loop plays as long as you hold down on the mouse button & gets more intense the longer you press – furthering the level of engagement.