Willkommen Dresden! Smith Street’s newest resident threw a neighbourhood party Thursday night and the locals welcomed them with gusto.

In true house party style, DJ Dave Stewart spun the decks from Dresden’s trailer while local friends, media and other curious parties gathered to say Prost! to the newest Fitzroy resident.

Carl Zeiss made an appearance (yep) and local fave eatery Biggie Smalls’ Shane Delia made an introductory toast to the latest Smith St locals. Some of Dresden’s favourite friends provided the eats/drinks including Biggie Smalls, Lazerpig, Scion Winery, Stomping Ground Brewing Co and Thankyou Water.

Dresden make eye-wear simpler, more sustainable and less expensive – bringing together Australian practicality with the spirit of German design.

Their eyewear is manufactured from fully recyclable nylon. All lenses are manufactured by Zeiss Vision, a German-founded optics pioneer.

Their offering includes sunglasses, prescription sunglasses, reading glasses and prescription glasses starting from just $49.

The Dresden system gives you:

  • Ultra-durable, lightweight frames in your choice of unlimited colour combos. All made in Australia, using recycled and recyclable materials wherever possible.
  • Expert eye health care led by some of Australia’s best optometrists.
  • Fast turnaround delivered by their knowledgeable, friendly and diverse crew.

When you’re in the neighbourhood, check them out at 225 Smith St, Fitzroy.

More pictures to come!

shane-deliaBruce Jeffreys, Shane Delia & Jason McDermott