Aptly, this post was written jointly by littleBIG Creative Director Rich Harley (pictured right-ish) and Designer Andrew Vohmann (pictured left-ish). 

An integral part of a successful design process is effective compromise.

This is something that we each found difficult to come to terms with at the beginning of our ‘professional’ careers because we always thought our design was a cut above the rest (even the fact that we each thought that proves the point!). But “pen to paper” (make that “finger to mouse”) isn’t the be all, end all of design. We quickly learnt that collaboration is they key to success. 

Countless times we have found ourselves sitting on a job for hours on end, getting comfortable with the direction, and not being able to see past our own opinions of what is the best outcome – thinking everything’s all great except for that niggling feeling that actually it’s not quite. It is this key moment where something we may have overlooked, is revealed by someone else in the blink of an eye. By being able to recognise this, we’ve been able to establish great design partnerships, specifically at littlBIG. Be it annoying, we ask more questions now than we did, even when we were studying design. It is also due to this emphasis on appropriate collaboration that Rich and I achieve cohesive workflow together.

We now use inbuilt collaboration measures, regardless of the project, because we know that we work in an agile way that lets us conceptualise and apply design to create beautiful products. This back-and-forth / push-and-shove relationship ensures our work never becomes stale, always keeps us aware of what is working and what is not and guarantees work only ever gets shipped when we are both content.

As our shared idol and design inspiration would say, STOP, COLLABORATE AND LISTEN.