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‘New York loft meets French apartment’ is the timeless appeal that Finch & Lane introduces to the Melbourne interiors market.

Born from a desire to produce and sell quality lifestyle living and dining furnishings, Finch & Lane makes exquisite things accessible to everyone.

Opening in April 2016, Finch & Lane is owned and operated by Stephanie and David Rew and showcases beautifully crafted furniture and home furnishings as well as rare vintage movie posters, artfully restored, which altogether create a complete furnishing solution for the home.

High quality is top of mind for Finch & Lane throughout the entire production process. From sourcing the perfect materials and craftsmen, to their newly restored historic 1920’s flagship store in Malvern, all the way through to their impeccable customer service. Their furnishings incorporate exquisite joinery and intricate upholstery detailing. Luxurious Belgian linen puts a tasteful finish to charming yet functional pieces of furniture.

Elegant and graceful in design with a subtle colour palette, each range comprises of a number of key shapes and designs that have been well researched and developed with outstanding quality a key factor in the sourcing model.

Their materials have been sourced from around the globe to ensure that the end product is uncompromised in terms of materials, workmanship and quality.

The Finch & Lane poster collection includes rare posters (with some the only in existence), that will provide a unique conversation piece for art collectors, stylists, property owners and corporates alike. David brings extensive knowledge with him to Finch & Lane after sourcing his first movie poster at the age of 14 (American Graffiti, 1973).

Finch & Lane is directed toward a niche market interested in buying quality pieces for a tasteful home.

Each piece of furniture from Finch & Lane has been made by master craftsmen with superb attention to detail and quality.

The furniture offering includes living and dining pieces such as cabinets, bookcases, dining tables and chairs, buffets, sofas, loungers, and armchairs just to name a few. Combining the individual passions of the owners (quality design and movie poster expertise), each range is named after favoured movie stars including Marlon Brando, Jean Harlow and the lovable Audrey Hepburn.

Crafted primarily from white American Oak sourced from North Carolina, the timber is beautifully crafted to bring a perfect mix of functionality and design. All other timbers are reclaimed Elm or Fir from heritage buildings no longer in use. Throughout the whole production process, Finch & Lane encompassed a natural penchant to ensure all of their pieces were sustainable and environmentally-friendly.

One hundred per cent Belgian linen upholstery is used to produce a luxurious feel and rugs are made using bamboo silk, viscose and/or wool emphasising the stunning Finch & Lane style.

Bek Sheppard from Bek Sheppard Styling boasts about the beautiful aesthetic a piece of Finch & Lane furniture brings to your home and how each piece and range has been so well considered.

“Finch & Lane’s bespoke furniture and interior décor is simply stunning. The furniture is timeless, sophisticated and effortless and customers will be sure to discover a truly beautiful selection of products to suit their home.

It’s really refreshing to find a new interiors store in Melbourne that has found its own niche market that will enhance any living and dining space”.

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