We’re trashing the planet and the way we consume food has a lot to do with it; takeaway coffee cups, lettuce in plastic bags, a raw deal for farmers, double beef pattie burgers… The food we choose to eat contributes more to our eco-footprint than our transport and home energy use combined. As a result, we are wreaking absolute havoc on our climate.

Enviro NFP, Sustainable Table, is doing its bit by asking Australians to Give a Fork! this April.

Give a Fork! encourages us to start a collective conversation about how much we really know about the food we eat, and what the dangers of not knowing are. Ultimately, it endeavours to generate awareness and inspire people to change the way they eat in order to curb climate change.

And let’s face it, environmentalism also has an image problem. There’s a perception that you have to chain yourself to a tree or grow dreadlocks to show that you care. Hence, the Give a Fork! campaign is bringing the sexy back into caring about what we do to the environment.

Food is sexy, and it just so happens to be one of the most significant ways that every Australian can make a difference.


There are two ways Australians can Give a Fork! this April. Option one involves dining at a participating restaurant or cafe and ordering the Give a Fork! special. A dollar amount from each dish sold will support Sustainable Table’s food education and awareness work. Eateries include Saigon Sally (VIC), St. Ali (VIC), Three Blue Ducks (NSW), Local Press Cafe (ACT), Etica (SA), Coast (QLD) and The Raffles Hotel (WA).

Alternatively, Aussies can take on one of the 30 Days to #Grexy* Challenges in April. These are targeted at newbies to sustainability right through to the fully fledged eco-warriors (continue for more). Registrations for the #Grexy Challenges open on March 1.

For more information or to register your participation, visit

*grexy / greksi / adj. used to describe a sexy or appealing person who is also a greenie.

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