ASX-listed technology services firm, DWS, has for the first time appointed a female to serve on their Board of Directors.

Jodie Moule, Co-Founder of Symplicit – Australia’s largest customer experience (CX), design and innovation consultancy – was announced onto the Board at a recent Annual General Meeting.


Jodie, a psychologist, and her industrial designer husband, Stephen Moule founded Symplicit in 2003 – the company now employs 65 staff across three states (NSW, VIC, QLD).
Jodie says that her background in psychology gives her a broader perspective for being able to understand human behaviour and this helps not only in her role on the Board of Directors for an IT Services firm, but most importantly led her to work in an industry not typically populated with women.
“Having a psychology background, I never thought I would end up in the IT business space. The reality is that I started out in a career that was about understanding people and those skills have transferred across to a completely different industry that also requires a high level of understanding of human behaviour given that all technology is built for use by people.
“I am honoured to be the first female on the DWS Board of Directors and hope that we see more women in these sorts of roles across the industry generally.” Jodie said.
Symplicit are specialists in understanding and interpreting customer behaviours through deep understanding of habits and behaviours, and translating these into strategic design solutions for organisations – this approach is known as Human Centred Design. Their keen focus on customers separates them from other agencies, helping them champion the new era of putting the customer first and using Human Centred Design methods to create products, systems and services that create a competitive advantage for their clients.


The business believes that understanding human behaviour allows you to change the customer experience, and that change happens through creative thinking and clever, simple design.


Jodie’s background in clinical and organisational psychology coupled with Stephen’s experience as an industrial designer led them to create the successful innovation and design company Symplicit.


Symplicit have worked with local and international companies such as Telstra, ANZ, PayPal, eBay, DHL International, Coles, Officeworks and Queensland Ambulance Service.


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