Launched this week, the RSPCA’s Choose Wisely initiative is asking all Australians to support humanely produced food when eating out. is a simple online directory that makes it easy for everyone to do their bit to improve the lives of farm animals produced for food. For anyone who cares about animal welfare, Choose Wisely is the logical choice.

The growing trend in food provenance is moving beyond the weekly farmers’ markets and going mainstream. Research shows that 85% of Australians agree it’s important that the meat, eggs and dairy products sold in Australia are farmed in a humane way.  Major supermarkets have been making this shift to meet consumer demand.

Now with more than three quarters of Australians agreeing humanely produced food is important when eating at a café or restaurant, the RSPCA saw the growing need to help customers make a better choice for animal welfare when dining out. Enter the Choose Wisely initiative. Launched with a new website this week, the Choose Wisely search tool, which features hundreds of businesses, will be the go to foodie directory making it easy for people who are dining out to find businesses serving humanely produced food.

Heather Neil, CEO RSPCA Australia states, “We know that people care about animal welfare, and want to ensure the food they eat comes from animals that have been treated humanely. By using Choose Wisely to find a café or restaurant that serves higher welfare food, consumers can now take an active role in improving the lives of farm animals in Australia.”

While it’s become easier to purchase and prepare higher welfare food when eating at home, eating out is more challenging. Choose Wisely solves this with a simple search tool that lists businesses, by locality and cuisine that are serving higher welfare food, such as cage-free eggs.

High profile personalities such as Australian fitness guru, personal trainer, author and TV personality Michelle Bridges is on board to support the cause. She says:

“The reason I support Choose Wisely is simple: animal welfare is important to me. Choose Wisely makes it easy to find a café and restaurant that serves humane food. I hope others will join me in supporting this fantastic initiative from the RSPCA and Choose Wisely when next dining out.”

Chef and Author, Simon Bryant, is also passionate about humane food. He says, “I’ve noticed how many people now take a huge interest in where their food comes from and they’re rejecting inhumane farming systems. The biggest animal welfare issues are related to layer hens producing eggs, meat chickens and pigs. Getting on board with Choose Wisely is simple and a great way to support positive change.”

RSPCA’s Choose Wisely initiative is another step towards a more humane Australia. By using Choose Wisely and supporting those businesses committed to putting humane food on the menu, individuals can make a huge difference to the welfare of farm animals.  For more information visit the Choose Wisely website

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