It is  hard to believe nearly half of 2015 has already passed us by! In all the excitement and mayhem, we realised we hadn’t filled you in on some wonderful new clients entering the fold around here. So, allow us to enlighten you.

MAGNUS COLLECTIVE is a Melbourne based online Art Gallery and reoccurring Art Party dedicated to unveiling new artistic talent, promoting visual ideas and selling original works of art. We are in LOVE!


WELLINEUX strongly believe in the power of wellness. For them, wellness is the foundation of living your best life. No matter who you are, and regardless of individual circumstances, everyone has the right to feel empowered, energised and inspired to live their best life. Wellness looks different to each individual. With this in mind, Wellineux offer inspirational products, tools, coaching and development programs that provide you with simple, practical steps to achieve your best life.

Wellineux logo screenshot


MOORES are a team of do-gooding lawyers who are launching a new service – NFP Assist which provides legal assistance to the not-for-profit sector. A bunch of true legends.


BROADS ABROAD TRAVEL NETWORK connects like-minded women internationally, allowing intrepid women who want to break away from the mainstream travel experience to find authenticity and personal connections while adventuring. The online female-only network is the first of its kind, revolutionising travel by encouraging adventure-seeking women from all over the world to ‘get on board’ by signing up to its membership-based social network, completely free of charge.

Logo Broads Abroad Travel Network

Keep your eyes out for SMOOTH in the coming months. They are an age-positive, size-positive high end fashion boutique in Melbourne’s Howey Place making Aussie women look and feel great.



Stay tuned for these upcoming projects and be sure to touch base for more information.

Team littleBIG x