AFL/NRL season is just around the corner. Time to get the kids’ footy kit sorted. Word is spreading among kids-in-the-know that Boot Armour needs to be on the list.

Its creator Rich Harley invented the elastic, water resistant sleeve to fits over kids’ football boots, removing the hindrance of laces, freshening up worn boots and helping secure boots to feet. Kids can express their own distinctive style with bright colours including, ‘Blue Bolt’, ‘Speed Star’, ‘The Flame’ and ‘The Force’.

No doubt Boot Armour will enhance your kids’ confidence and kicking ability on the football field by providing a smooth surface to kick the footy. You can benefit from the sleeve too, as you’ll no longer need to spend Saturday mornings binding electrical tape around your kids’ boots to tie-away the laces. The sleeve is designed for junior players aged 5-15 years as it is particularly helpful as kids are learning to kick effectively, however, Boot Armour can benefit players of all ages.

Collingwood legend, Luke Ball, and Bulldogs, Triple M and Channel 7 superstar, Luke Darcy, are helping launch Boot Armour. See and hear what they have to say here.


Boot Armour supports local sporting clubs via a fundraising scheme that returns 10% of the purchase price of sleeves sold to the club. Head to the Boot Armour website for more info.

We are thrilled to be working with Boot Armour in 2015. We will keep you posted about future events and product developments.

The littleBIGs x