Greetings all,

As you may have noticed, the littleBig brand identity is undergoing a mild spruce up. We’re only six after all. It’s not like we need the full ‘cat woman‘ treatment right now. But if you count our age in dog years (and why wouldn’t you – dogs are loyal, fun and clever, just like us!), we’re 42. A little refreshing tweak to the visuals wouldn’t go astray.

We are proud to reveal the littleBig Marketing & PR logo – 2014 edition!

We absolutely love the branding work we do in here for clients so it was so much fun being able to analyse our own visual identity and bring our look and feel into 2014.

Please bear with us as we transition from the old to the new. Like the cleaner with the messy house and the builder with the unfinished renos, we’re a little busy keeping our clients’ marketing and PR programs rocketing along, so our roll out is happening somewhat gradually.

Props to Rich Harley for his design genius.

Big love, the littleBigs x