To be creative you have to push back against the status quo, refuse to accept the establishment and strive to break new ground. There is a first time for everything and for many people their first pair of Dr. Martens is a memorable moment in time, an opening statement of intent and an exciting initial blast of creative self-expression.

This rite of passage has been passed down from generation to generation since 1960, as each subsequent tribe stamps its individuality on the famous boot.

This Spring/Summer 2012 women’s collection sees the ever-expanding range of the signature 8-eye boot grow even larger with bright patent colours, animal print, crushed velvet and floral designs.  There’s also an emergence of brogue styles.

The season’s men’s styles also play on the original and modern. There is a variety of summer boots and shoes utilising leather, fine canvas, denim and suede. The versatile designs are perfect year round.

Dr. Martens personifies a drive to be different which transpires into each season’s product offering and as such has been swept along on its journey without asking or being able to stop the ride. The brand has always been a fascinated bystander on a journey that has raced through every crevice of subculture, every twist and turn of youthful creativity, and they certainly are not stopping now.

Individuality is a way of life, not a fleeting fancy.  Your first statement of intent sets the scene for a lifetime of self-expression. First and forever, and Docs are there and always will be, to ride it with you.

Check out some of the sweet new designs available below.  And do get in touch if you’d like anymore info… sophie@littlebig.marketing!