Creamy, healthy and refreshing, Tutti Frutti Frozen Yogurt has everything you could ask for in a light frozen snack, and lucky for us Victorians, the franchising has begun so you will be seeing them pop up around the place very soon.

Leading the pack as ‘Yogurt Trend-Setters’, it’s up to you how you mix and match your snack. With a HUGE range of quirky and classic flavours and an extensive choice of toppings you have the ability to  tailor a yogurt no matter how strange your taste buds are.  You can load it up as small or large as you like and simply pay by weight so you don’t have to skimp on your favourite element.

We’ll be helping the Tutti Frutti crew roll out a string of marketing initiatives and fun and exciting promotions for their customers.

Stay on the look out for Tutti Frutti in a shopping centre near you!