From humble beginnings on the west coast of the USA comes a welcome edition to Australia’s warm winter boot selection in new littleBig client, BEARPAW.  Rich materials, warm earthy hues, bold colours and undeniable comfort have put the stylish footwear range on the fashion podium globally in recent years, and now they’re here for us Aussies to enjoy.

From traditional slippers and uggs to leather boots and unique printed styles, the 25 piece collection comprises on-trend styles for fashionistas as well as subtle looks for more casual every day wear. Featuring premium sheepskin and plush fleece to ensure comfort is always at the fore, we guarantee there’s a BEARPAW for every paw.

These expertly designed boots are not only great for at home and local wear, they are also the most fashionable and practical choice for your time on the slopes. Equipped with sturdy soles, you won’t be slipping and sliding outside the Chalet.

See below for just a few of the classic and more fashion forward pieces from the collection.  Media enquiries call us on 03 9025 9574 or email or

Stockists:  1800 655 154


Woodbury RRP $199.90

Serengeti RRP $139.90

Sarah RRP $149.90

Mamba RRP $189.90

Abigail RRP $139.90