We are thrilled to welcome Taxi Dining Room to the littleBig family. LBMPR are excited to be working with such talented people (cue Executive Chef Tony Twitchett, Head Sommelier Jackson Watson, Venue Managers Owen Brockfield and Kieren Spiteri, Events Manger Rebecca Wills – and the rest!) and will be handling all of Taxi Dining Room’s PR along with some projects for stable-mates Transit and Transport from time to time. We kicked off our Taxi ride with their amazing four-course lunch bento.  Delicious and beautiful.



If you’re looking for a Sex And The City-style lunch with the girls, business lunch or a beautiful dinner overlooking the Yarra, that gorgeous old girl, Flinders Street Station, and Fed Square then book at Taxi Dining Room (03 9654 8808).

Get in touch with us if you have any Taxi-related queries!