Need regular online content but no time/inspiration to whip it together?  With all the blogs, website News pages, Facebook pages, microsites, et al. now required to achieve an active online presence and optimal SEO, it’s a common problem and one we at littleBig Marketing & PR are happy to help with.

We currently develop online content for online shopping portal,, including newsletter copy, have put together many an update for and produced website copy for companies as diverse as and, to provide a few examples.

Often we’ll develop a content/upload schedule, get on the blower with the client for a 3 minute topic brainstorm when the time is right, and from there we produce, upload/submit (following approval protocols where necessary) and your content development woes are over.

Be in touch if you think this is a hole we can fill.  And remember, if your needs extend to web design and development we can also be of service in that regard.