Well hello.

A quick thought/tip.  Small business owners/managers have so much to take care of that it becomes quite easy for the company brand to slip.  Think of all the new documents and other various touch points (webpages, accounting documentation, new offices, new email accounts, etc.) that are churned out of your business on a daily basis.  Is your brand reflected consistently across all of them?   Probably not.  I mean, who has time right?  You need these things in operation and you need them fast.  It only takes one, then two, then three of these touch points to reach into the world brandless or poorly branded and your brand is slipping fast.

Easiest way to prevent this?  Pick three branding elements that must appear on every touch point and check them off (even just mentally) each time a new item is created.  That goes for everyone in the company.  Nobody’s perfect and littleBig Marketing & PR has had it’s slip-ups but to give you an example, for the production of any visual mediums our three items to be checked are:

  1. Does the logo appear?
  2. Is our company font used?
  3. Is the company ‘tone’ conveyed?

There are always going to be exceptions to the rule (for example, some email applications won’t allow an image/logo to be displayed) but three, easily indoctrinated checks will go a very long way to ensure your brand doesn’t slip through the cracks.

Hoping this reminder helps keep you on track…