Simple things you can do to help your website creep onto that holy-grail of search engine marketing – the first page of Google.

  • Create a blog as part of your website and blog twice a week.
  • AND/OR have a news section where you make sure you upload news as much as possible.  Maybe daily.  You could even simply link to other articles online including an intro you write.  An easy way to do this would be to source the articles from daily business newsletters relevant to your audience.  
  • At every stage of uploading something new attach ‘tags’ which describe the article and people are likely to search for in Google.   
  • Make the title of every blog/news item include words that people searching for your service are likely to type into Google.
  • Generally in your site use lots of words people are likely to type into a search engine.      
  • Get as many people as possible to link to you.  The easiest way to do this is to have a Links/Friends/etc. page where you link out to suppliers/clients/interesting sites/referral partners/etc.  You then get the people you’re linking to to do the same for you.  The more sites linking to your site the higher your Google ranking.    

Hope these tips help.  Email me if this is something you’d like to find out more about.