Just some quick tips re: using your email list, no matter how big or small it may be…

  • Send to it regularly.  We’re all very conscious of not bombarding the inboxes of our subscribers however some of us are a bit too conservative.  We suggest you mail your list at least once a month.  If you’ve got something good to write about once a week is fine and sometimes even more is great, depending on your business/service.   You’d be surprised how quickly an email list will expire.  People leave their job (and their email address) or forget who you are all too soon.  Before you know it that list of 5,000 people you sent to three months ago, is now only a list of 4,000 because of new bounces and unsubscribes.  
  • Keep the content brief and succinct but… put ALL the key points in the email rather than expecting the reader to click through to a website.  You’d be surprised how few hyperlinks within emails are actually clicked on.  
  • Don’t think ‘my list is too small to bother with’.  It’s usually the smaller lists that have the better open rates.  You’re probably closely connected with the people on your email list so they really want to read what you have to say.  If 40 people out of your list of 100 open the email and 5 of those people call you to take advantage of the offer in your email, just think what that might do for your business?  
  • Always promote a reason for people to forward your email on.  This might be in the form of a competition, a referral program or some other promotional function.  You’re emailing your list anyway so why not use the opportunity to grow it?  This also relates back to my first point about emailing your list regularly.  Ensuring you’re actively growing your list will help compensate for the email addresses that will be lost between campaigns.  The more on your list, the more opens, the more sales/bookings/traffic/etc…  

Email marketing is a great, cheap way to speak to your audience, research it, spoil it, provoke it, refine it and grow it.  Contact us if you want to know more!