Clients often come to me wanting something – a PR campaign, a brochure, a new website…  This is great.  This is what we do at littleBig Marketing & PR.  But, there’s no point creating this new, wonderful, targetted, measurable campaign/marketing material if the item requested is not what’s actually necessary.  Most likely the activity will increase brand awareness and improve market position regardless, to some extent at least, but if you’re aiming to increase sales in the Melbourne region then a national PR campaign isn’t the right action to take.  If you want your existing customers to buy more, a brochure selling them what they already buy isn’t going to help.  We get so used to doing what we do and doing what we know that we’re often blinded to what we truly need.  

I encourage all my clients to think about the reason they need marketing, what they’re truly trying to acheive.  We’ll then put together a tailored solution aimed at acheiving that targeted result.  

Don’t get me wrong, much of the time my clients know exactly what they need and for all the right reasons.  They’ve already thought and talked things through very carefully, we’re all on the same page and we’re off.  But if the first thought you’ve had is simply ‘we need a mail-out’, ‘we need a one-page ad’, ‘we need a…’, then I implore you to talk your current position and ideal positition through with a marketing professional before doing ANYTHING else.  This will ensure that the right marketing problem can be solved the right way and, most importantly, ROI is maximised.

 A clever expert in Productive Thinking has made me realise how truly important this is, now more than ever…