Now I’m completely biased here of course, because is a client, but have you checked it out?  It’s great.  OK, you blokes aren’t going to love it because it’s very girly but if you’re a female and, like me, have no idea where to start when it comes to shopping online, particularly for fashion and beauty products, it’s the perfect place to start.  

If there’s something in particular you’re after you head to Sales, Shops & Specials and you can filter by category and find a whole lot of great stores including special deals and vouchers for visitors.  LOVE a bargain!   

Heaps of fun fashion, beauty and goss snippets all over the site and really great Competitions too (my pick of the comps currently listed –  gorgeous suede boots, mmmmm).

And a little birdy told me there’s something else special about to start on the site too.  Keep an eye out.  Sign up for their newsletters to keep up with it all…

Hope you enjoy!